How to Open Demat Account Online

Top 10 demat account in India – open best demat account in India

If you are looking to open demat account in India for your investment then you are in the right place & at the right time. We will help you select then Best Demat and trading account in India by comparing all the top Stock brokers in India. Many brokers allow you to Open Demat account online easily and get started on trading fast. Check the Ratings of Top 10 Share Brokers in India:

RankBroking HouseRatingsAccount Opening Link
1Zerodha9.2/10Open Free Account
2UPSTOX 8.6/10 Open Free Account
3ICICI Direct 8.4/10 Open Free Account
4Angel Broking 8.2/10 Open Free Account
5Sharekhan7.9/10 Open Free Account
6StoxKart7.5/10 Open Free Account
7IIFL7.1/10 Open Free Account
8Motilal Oswal7.0/10 Open Free Account
9HDFC Securities6.8/10 Open Free Account
105Paisa6.7/10 Open Free Account

You can contact us to Open Demat Account Online and we will help you select best demat and trading account.Call us on 9838479931 for help

open demat account online

How to open demat account Online

If you want to start investing or trading in stock market , you should Open demat account as the first step . In today’s modern age , demat account opening has become very easy by online KYC using Aadhaar card if your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card. You should have list of documents required for demat account opening ready and you can follow our simplified guides below to open best demat account in India with best brokers in india

You would need to keep ready documents required to open demat account online and click on above links to open trading account with best discount brokers in India. If you have any issue in demat account opening , Click to Whatsapp us below

open demat account online

How to start Investing or Trading in Stock Markets?

We know that stock markets are one of the best way to create Wealth in long term. Also many people make money from stock market by trading in it. You can also do the same by Investing or trading in stock market. If you are new to stock market , you need to have a demat account to start investing and trading online.

We help you to select the Best demat account in India according to your requirements. There are different brokers like Full service brokers and discount brokers. Full Service brokers provide regular broking service as well as advisory services. The new age discount brokers provide good platforms and lower charges but do not provide advisory to keep cost low.

You can select Discount broker if you want to do trading or investing on your own . If you need advisor , or phone support , you can go with regular broker.

How to select the best stock Broker for demat account opening?

Selecting broker can be confusing. However , there is a systematic approach to follow while selecting Top stock broker in India to trade and Invest. Now lets be very clear that no broker is best for everyone. People have different preferences, Trading styles, trust level and hence they will chose brokers based on their conviction . Below are the points on which you can select best stock market brokers

  • Brokerage charges
  • Trading /Investing platforms and Tools
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Account Opening Charges
  • Research and Education
  • Margins and leverage offered.

We usually look for broker with lower brokerage charges , Good and easy to use platforms and tools , Good customer service , Low account opening charges and good Research and education .We help you select top stock brokers in India based on above parameters

Best Discount Broker In India – Online Brokers

Discount brokers are new generation brokers whose focus is to provide you with lowest brokerage plans with better technology and faster state of the art trading platforms. Discount brokers achieve this by avoiding multiple branches , avoiding advisory services , avoiding other unrelated services and leveraging technology. You should open demat account online with top discount brokers in India if you are beginner and want to understand the stock markets trading ecosystem. Here we present you top 5 Discount brokers in India where you can open demat account online.



Link to Open







Angel Broking


Angel Broking

5 Paisa


5 Paisa




Demat account Opening charges

Demat account opening charges are different for different brokers. Usually demat account opening charges range from 250 rs to 700 rs dependinh on the broker you chose. However , we have many offers where you can open totally free demat account of all brokers online. You just need to contact us using the form below , or call us at the number given on top of the page for availing this offer. Lets see the current demat account opening charges of stock brokers in India

RankBroking HouseAccount Opening ChargeAccount Opening Link
1Zerodha300 rsOpen Free Account
2UPSTOX 249 rs Open Free Account
3ICICI Direct 650 rs Open Free Account
4Angel Broking Free Open Free Account
5Sharekhan500 rs Open Free Account
6StoxKartFree Open Free Account
7IIFL500 rs Open Free Account
8Motilal OswalFree Open Free Account
9HDFC SecuritiesFree Open Free Account
105PaisaFree Open Free Account
Demat account opening charges

Find the Best Demat

Best Demat

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Online Process

We can help you to open demat and trading account online , using aadhaar card and OTP. Its very easy!

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We help you open account by providing support related to any user queries . You can relax while we do the hard work for you!

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