StoxKart Review 2021 – Genuine detailed review with Pros and cons

Stoxkart Review

Stoxkart is a discount broker who is rapidly growing popularity with the clients owing to comfortable trading and cheap brokerage charges with ‘pay as per trade’ plan. It is a part of the SMC Global Stock Broker, which was established in 1994. 

Stoxkart provides multiple products & services in trading & investment. It charges a very low brokerage compared to any other broker. 

Along with a free Mutual Fund investment platform, Stoxkart came up with a new concept of brokerage charge, which is “you pay when you earn a profit.” 

This is the first time in India that a broker is giving such a brokerage plan. 

Zerodha Account Opening

Stoxkart Trading and Demat Account Review

Stoxkart is a revolutionary discount stock broker as it provides new-age technology, Zero brokerage advantages, a user-friendly trading platform, and empowers traders and investors by providing its market expertise. 

Stoxkart provides a quick and easy online Demat Account Opening process. One can open a stoxkart Demat account within 10 minutes. 
Stoxkart brokerage structure is designed with Zero charges for equity delivery and flat Rs. 15 for all segments.
Stoxkart Demat Account opening charges and annual maintenance charges of Demat account is less compared to many other stockbrokers in India.

Stoxkart Review – Account Opening Process

Stoxkart Account Opening can be done both online and offline.

Online Process

The process to Open Stoxkart Demat Account online is fast and easy. If your Aadhaar card is linked with your mobile number, then the Stoxkart Account opening process gets smooth.

Once you complete uploading documents and e-sign process online, your Stoxkart Demat account will open within a day. You can apply stoxkart coupon codes to get a free account.

Offline Process

If your aadhar card is not linked with your mobile number, you can open a stoxkart account by downloading offline forms, attach required documents, and courier the forms to stoxkart head-office address.

Upstox Account Opening

Documents Required to Open Stoxkart Demat Account

To open Stoxkart Demat Account, the documents required are

Pan card
Signature as per pan card
3 months bank statement
Aadhar card
Passport size photo

What do we like about the Stoxkart Account Opening process?

The sign-up and documents uploading process to open a Demat account is easy and fast. 
Once you sign up to Stoxkart.com, you will get step by step instructions on how to complete the ensign process online. 
It provides a choice of documents to upload rather than asking for particular documents. 
You get Stoxkart Coupon Codes to open a free stoxkart account or get other benefits.
You can connect with Stoxkart helpline to get help from their customer support in the Stoxkart Account Opening process. 

Stoxkart Review – Account Opening Charges

The stockbroker collects charges to open the Stoxkart Demat account and Trading Account account from the clients. 

The annual maintenance charge is charged by the stockbroker yearly to maintain and keep the account active during the year. 

The account opening charges to Open Stoxkart Account are shown in the table below.

Demat ServicesStoxkart Charges
Account Opening ChargesRs. 500
Demat and Trading AMC ChargesRs. 300 per year
Margin MoneyZero
Call and trade chargesRs 20 per order placed

Stoxkart Review – Brokerage Charges

Stoxkart charges a flat rate brokerage. The brokerage charge will be a fixed amount irrespective of the trading turnover. 

No brokerage will be charged for delivery based trades. For all the trades, the brokerage will be charged only if one earns a profit. 

Brokerage ChargesStoxkart
Equity Delivery TradingZero
Equity Intraday TradingRs.15 FLAT per executed order
Commodity Options TradingRs.15 FLAT per executed order
Equity Futures TradingRs.15 FLAT per executed order
Equity Options Trading
Rs.15 FLAT per executed order
Currency Futures TradingRs.15 FLAT per executed order
Currency Options Trading
Rs.15 FLAT per executed order

Other Charges

Other charges in Stoxkart like STT etc are as per below – 

Other ChargesStoxkart
STT0.025% on sell-side
SEBI Turnover ChargesRs. 15 per crore
Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
GST18% of Brokerage + Transaction Charges

Stoxkart Review – Trading Platform

Stoxkart provides the best service for trading and investing through Desktop web, stoxkart pro mobile application, and desktop trading platform. 

Here is the detailed information on the trading platforms which are used by clients after opening a stoxkart Demat account.

Trading platformFeatures
Stoxkart mobile application1. The price chart plotted with the event plotted is good and clear.
2. An embedded tabular balance sheet & other financial data for each stock makes it easier for users to view.
3. It also allows us to track our mutual fund holdings.
Stoxkart Pro Web1. Stoxkart Pro Web provides all the necessary market-related information on real time basis
2. You can overview the market & your trades.
3. You can get detailed Micro/Macro Scrip data for analysis.
4. You can access Research calls & trading ideas and also set alerts or notifications.
5. You can access your detailed portfolio and fee reports.
Stoxkart desktop application1. It is user-friendly & customizable in function and very similar to the NEST trading platform in design.
2. You can place several varieties of order types.
3. There is no two-step login feature.
4. You can easily add, remove or change the size or position of the tabs.

Stoxkart Review – Other Products

Stoxkart provides free service for clients to invest in mutual fund schemes through SIP or LUMPSUM. 

Here is the detailed review information on the stoxkart mutual fund. 

Other productsOverview
STOXMF1. Stoxkart also provides an online facility for investing in mutual funds.
2. Paperless transactions for investment in mutual funds can be done from the same trading platform.
3. You can get recommendations from the expert investors on the basis of your financial goals.
4. Stoxkart is offering an interesting one and you are advised to check it out if it goes with your investment needs.

Stoxkart Customer Service

Stoxkart customer care Email ID: contact@stoxkart.com
Stoxkart support number: 1800113331

Stoxkart Review – Advantages and Areas of Improvement

Here are the advantages of using a stoxkart account. There are a few areas of improvement that we have listed

AdvantagesAreas of Improvement
Online mutual fundsThe UI Application can be improved
Research-based informationStoxkart can work on reducing the demat account Opening fees
Advanced charting and alert features
User-friendly application and goal-based investment decision

Our Stoxkart Experience Review

Stoxkart provides the lowest pricing, flat brokerage plan, transparency, and it is absolutely the revolutionary stockbroker.
Stoxkart Demat Account opening process is fast and easy. You can use coupon codes to open a free account.
You get advanced and cutting edge charting tools with 80+ technical indicators on a real-time basis.
You can trade on the move by using seamless user-experience on mobile browser & desktop trading platforms.
We have provided you with the detailed review of stoxkart which provides their clients. Definitely, the Stoxkart Demat Account will set a trend in brokerage plans in future.

Stoxkart Review FAQs

Is the Stoxkart Account Opening free?

Stoxkart charges for account opening but you can apply for a Stoxkart coupon code to open a free Stoxkart Demat Account. 

What are Brokerage Charges in Stoxkart?

The brokerages charged in stoxkart are free for Delivery trading and flat Rs. 15 per executed trade only if you get profits.

How to Open a Stoxkart Demat Account?

You can open a Stoxkart Demat Account online by using the link provided here.