Samco review

Samco Securities is a prominent investment tech company, that holds SEBI registration as a stockbroker, research analyst, and membership in major exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Cognized for its depository participant membership with CDSL, Samco operates with a resolute mission – crafting solutions that enable every stock market participant to consistently surpass indices, ensuring optimal financial performance.

As India’s premier flat-fee brokerage and investment-tech platform, Samco Securities grants retail investors access to sophisticated financial technology, fostering an uncomplicated, well-informed, and cost-effective journey toward wealth creation. Driven by a customer-centric ethos, Samco employs a quantitative approach to deliver distinct solutions, empowering customers to excel in capital markets by trading and investing in stocks, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Commodity, Mutual Funds, and IPOs.


Demat account opening charge₹0
Transaction charge (Buy)₹0
Transaction charge (Sell)stock sold: ₹15 + GST
Transfer within Samco: ₹15 + GST 
For other transfers: 0.02% per transaction / ₹25+ GST charges, whichever is higher 
Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC)₹400 + GST  for Individual (Free for 1st Year)
₹800 + GST for Corporate
Demat + Courier charges₹10 per Certificate plus Courier Charges ₹50 per request
Pledge creation₹30 per + 18% GST
Unpledge₹30 per + 18% GST
Instant unpledged₹60 per + 18% GST


Samco Securities offers a fixed brokerage model wherein the charges range up to ₹20 max per executed order across all segments. The detailed brokerage model of Samco Securities is as follows:

Equity – Intraday₹20/Transaction or 0.05% whichever is lower
Equity – Delivery₹20/Transaction or 0.50% whichever is lower
Equity – Futures₹20 or 0.02% whichever is lower
Currency – Futures₹20/Transaction or 0.05% whichever is lower
Commodity – Futures₹20/Transaction or 0.05% whichever is lower
Equity – Options₹20/Transaction
Currency – Options₹20/Transaction


SegmentTransaction charges
Equity – IntradayNSE – ₹3.45 per Lacs (0.00345%)
BSE – ₹3.45 per Lacs (0.00345%)
Equity – DeliveryNSE – ₹3.45 per Lacs (0.00345%) 
BSE – For A Group and B Group Shares – ₹1 per trade
For other groups – ₹3.45 per Lacs (0.00345%)
For XC, XT, XD, Z and ZP – ₹100 per Lacs (0.1%)
For R and P Group – ₹1000 per Lacs (1.0%)
For R and P Group – ₹1000 per Lacs (1.0%)
Equity – FuturesNSE – ₹2 per Lacs (0.0020%)
BSE – ₹1 per trade
Currency – FuturesNSE – ₹0.90 per Lacs (0.0009%)
Commodity – FuturesMCX – Non Agri:- ₹2.6 per Lacs (0.0026%)
MCX – Agri:- ₹1.75 per Lacs (0.00175%)
NCDEX – A:- ₹3.5 per Lacs (0.0035%)
NCDEX – B:- ₹1.25 per Lacs (0.00125%)
Equity – OptionsNSE – ₹53/- per Lacs (0.053%) on Premium
BSE – ₹1 per trade
Currency – OptionsNSE – ₹35 per Lacs (0.035%) on Premium Value

Here is a step-by-step guide along with the list of basic documentation required to open an online Demat and Trading account with Samco:

  1. Mobile verification: Upon entering your basic details like name, email, and mobile number you will be redirected to mobile number verification via OTP.
  2. PAN verification: Post mobile number verification there will be a PAN card verification using your PAN card details.
  3. Personal information: Next will be verification of credentials like the Parent’s name, annual income and occupation details.
  4. Email verification: After entering those credentials you need to verify Email via OTP as well.
  5. Bank verification: The next step will be verification of bank account details by entering their bank account number and other relevant details.
  6. Trading segment: You need to specify the sector in which you want to trade using Samco. 
  7. Documents Upload: The following documents are needed to be kept in handy in order to upload for verification as per exchanges:
    • PAN card
    • Aadhaar card 
  8. Review & e-sign: The last step is to verify the entered details, and documents and confirm the same by e-signing the demat and trading account opening form with Samco. 

Mission ACE the Index Launched by Samco Securities

Samco Securities has initiated “Mission: Ace the Index,” a nationwide effort to empower investors and traders for better investment performance. This initiative equips participants with the tools and knowledge needed in the complex world of investing.

To join, participants pledge to prioritize their investment performance. The pledge includes three aspects:

  1. Outperform Benchmarks: Strive to outperform benchmarks by researching, analyzing investments, and adapting strategies.
  2. Expert Management: If needed, entrust funds to skilled fund managers for superior returns.
  3. Index ETFs: Invest in Index ETFs that align with market performance.

Samco aids pledgers with resources to enhance their stock market performance. The initiative tackles issues revealed by a survey commissioned by Samco and Nielsen:

  • 68% struggle to generate benchmark-level returns.
  • 65% lack awareness of their market returns.
  • 77% are unaware of the need to outperform benchmarks.

Samco invites participants to “Mission – Ace the Index” to prioritize investment performance by surpassing benchmarks through research, active management, and adaptive strategies. For details, visit www.acetheindex.com.


Trading Products Features 
The New Gen Samco Trading AppCapital Resource Planning (CRP) platform to cater to personalized trading requirements.Personal Index to track stock performance vs. benchmark.Net Worth Tracker for real-time net worth movement.Peer comparison tracker within the Samco universe.Advanced watchlist with market movers and gainers.Margin Trade Funding for leverage in 500+ stocks.
Samco Web Trading PlatformReliable and secure online trading platform. Trade a wide range of financial instruments.
Samco Desktop Trading AppMinute-by-minute intraday chart access.NEST Plus Charts service for intraday trading.
Samco Margin Trade Funding ProductsMTF CashPlus: Equity delivery buying leverage.CashPlus: Up to 4X margin against cash in 400+ stocks.MTF StockPlus: Margin against shares for derivatives trading.
RankMFMutual fund research platform for distributors and customers.Recommends top-rated mutual fund schemes.
KyaTradeStreams trading and investing ideas.Enables capitalizing on opportunities from any location.
StockBasketInvest in expert-curated baskets of quality stocks.
Samco Mutual FundsSamco Flexi Cap Fund: Invests inefficient companies globally.Aim for superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.Samco ELSS Tax Saver Fund: Equity Linked Saving Scheme for tax savings.Invests in high-quality mid and small companies.


1: Advanced tools including Personal Index and Net Worth Tracker.
2: Tech-enabled features for enhanced user efficiency.
3: Margin Trade Funding options for leverage.
4: Investment in expert-curated stock baskets (StockBasket).
5: Cover Order, Bracket Order, and Trailing Stop Loss order are available.
6: Earn referral credits for introducing new users to the ITL Trading League platform.
1: Higher Demat AMC at Rs 400 per year comparatively.
2: Monthly unlimited trading plans are unavailable.
3: Customer support can be less responsive or less comprehensive compared to other brokerage platforms.
4: Demat charges for pledge Creation, Closure, and Invocation are relatively high compared to other brokers.
5: Call & trade services are offered but come with an additional fee of Rs 20 per executed order.
6: Users can access only one trading platform at a time.
7: Supplementary products like StockBasket require an extra subscription fee.