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Zerodha Review 2020
zerodha review 2020 , is zerodha safe , genuine review


RS 200

Zerodha Account Opening


Deposits and Withdrawl


Trading Products


Customer Service


Brokerage Charges



  • Free Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds
  • Hassle free Online Account Opening
  • Multiple Trading products like Kite, Console
  • Easy to understand Reports
  • Can buy IPO using Zerodha Platform


  • Slow Settlement time
  • Power of attorney is Mandatory

Zerodha Review

Zerodha started its operations in 2010 in India as a Discount Broker with flat pricing and discount broking. Since then, Zerodha has been adding features to its trading platform and driving benefits for its clients. 

As on date, Zerodha has over 20 Lakhs active clients in India and thus Zerodha has earned a reputation for providing the best Demat account in India. 9 Reasons to Know why Zerodha is safe

Zerodha is the largest stockbroker of India with a share of 15% of all retail order volumes in Trading and Investing. Zerodha is now incubating and funding other Fintech startups through their Rainmatter program 

Let’s look at Zerodha Review on following Parameters

Zerodha Demat and Trading Account Review

Zerodha is a safe Demat account as it is regulated by India’s top regulator- the Securities and Exchange Board of India. So Zerodha follows all rules and regulations prescribed by SEBI

Zerodha offers a single Demat and Trading Account with a clean and user-friendly UI.
Zerodha’s disruptive brokerage charges model with Free Equity delivery, Free direct Mutual Funds, and Flat rs 20 per trade price have definitely made Zerodha the number one Discount Broker of India.

Thus, for 10 Trades in a Month, you will end up paying only Rs 200 as Zerodha Brokerage, irrespective of the volume of amount/money you trade! This is huge savings if you open a Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha Review Account Opening Process

Zerodha offers an Online and Offline Account Opening Process. The online process is quick and easy. The offline process to open Zerodha demat account takes upto 4 days for the account to be operational.

Online Process for Zerodha Demat Account – A Quick Review

The online process to Open Zerodha Demat Account is easy and straightforward. If you have an Aadhaar card linked with your Mobile number, then  Zerodha Account opening process gets very smooth

Offline Process for Zerodha Demat Account

If your Aadhar card is not linked with your mobile number, Zerodha gives this facility to open a Zerodha Demat Account with Offline Process

Check our detailed guide on How to Open Zerodha Demat and Trading Account in under 10 mins.

What do we like about Zerodha Account Opening process? 

  • Signing up to Zerodha is easy and quick
  • Once you sign up to Zerodha, you will get easy instructions to complete the process.
  • Zerodha Demat and Trading Account Opening Online process are simple and cheaper than the Offline process

Zerodha Review Account Opening Charges

Zerodha charges Rs 200 as Online Zerodha Demat Account Opening charge for Trades on Equity and Rs 300 for Equity + Commodity account.
Zerodha charges Rs 400 as Offline Zerodha Account Opening charge for Trades on Equity, F&O and Currency and Rs 600 for Equity + Commodity account.
Zerodha Review Zerodha Account Opening charges
Zerodha Account Opening charges – Online and Offline

Looking at the benefits Zerodha offers, the Account Opening charges are minimal as compared to other stockbrokers in India.

  • Prefer the online Zerodha Account Opening process and you can save Rs 300

Zerodha Review Brokerage Charges

Zerodha charges a maximum brokerage of Rs. 20 per trade for all segments and Zero rupees for delivery trading, which is less compared to many other stockbrokers

It really helps you to save big on brokerage charges.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator 

You can access to the live Zerodha Brokerage Calculator. However, for your ease, we have calculated the brokerage amount that you need to pay for 400 quantity of buy and sell at Intraday equity.

Zerodha Review of Brokerage Charges
Zerodha Brokerage charges for 400 Qty

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Zerodha Review AMC charges – Annual maintenance fees

Zerodha Annual maintenance charges ( AMC) is the charge to maintain your Zerodha Demat Account. Zerodha does not charge any AMC for the Commodity account.

For individuals, Zerodha charges ₹300/year + 18% GST charged quarterly as an Account Maintenance fees
AMC is charged every quarter i.e Rs 75 + 18% GST will be deducted from your Zerodha Demat Account balance once in a quarter

Zerodha Review Trading Platform

Zerodha provides one of the best and user-friendly trading platforms for their clients. You can easily trade by using these Zerodha Trading Platform on your mobile, desktop application, or by desktop web. 

Following are Zerodha Trading Platforms that are user friendly and easy to use

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Zerodha Kite 3.0 Review – A Web Application

Kite 3.0 is a web-based trading and investment platform. One can use Zerodha Kite 3.0 to execute the trade using browsers on Mobile or Desktops. 

Zerodha Kite 3.0 gives you to access 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts across major exchanges. 
With a clean and simple to use web application, Zerodha allows you to quickly search your favorite stocks with no delay. 
Kite 3.0 gives you advanced access to level 3 data share deeper insights into market liquidity and allows you to develop advanced intraday trading strategies.
Needless to say, Kite 3.0 Web Application is FREE for Zerodha clients 

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Zerodha App – Kite Mobile Review

Kite by Zerodha is one of the most advanced trading apps in India available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. 

One can easily access the live market data using the Kite by Zerodha mobile application. Easy Navigation definitely eases the Zerodha usability
With easy Buying and Selling options, Kite App by Zerodha helps you to smartly manage your portfolio, create multiple watchlists of your favorite stocks and keep track of your Holdings
Zerodha Kite App has advanced charts with over 100 indicators. All this comes with a smart user-friendly UI. You can easily trade in various Order Types in Zerodha Kite Application
Zerodha Kite App has two-layer security – this means, all your data is safe within your mobile

PI Zerodha Review

Zerodha PI Software Login is a powerful desktop trading application of Zerodha app. 

  • You can install it for free on your pc or laptop. 
  • It features advanced charting, algos, strategies, & backtesting. 
  • You can trade across segments at BSE, NSE, and MCX using Zerodha PI. 

Review of Products Offered by Zerodha

Zerodha provides several applications to their clients, such as coin, sentinel, console, and streak. Let us know about these applications here

Zerodha Coin Review

Zerodha Coin is a free Zerodha application that allows you to buy unlimited mutual funds online with zero Brokerage amount and Zero commission passback.

After you log into Zerodha coin, it recommends you top Mutual Funds, Low-cost index funds, and Equity+debt funds. This gets easy for people to invest who have zero Stock Market Knowledge
Zerodha Coin gives you meaningful insights like NAV, CAGR return, Launch Date, and how the MF has performed over a few years. Using these insights, one can easily decide to invest or find another Mutual fund to invest. 
There is a SIP calculator present in Zerodha Coin that helps you get an idea of return against your investment over a particular period of time 
Zerodha Coin is also available to users in the form of the mobile app. Zerodha Coin App has free videos of the experts who share their knowledge on Mutual Funds Investment. Zerodha Coin Charges are zero – as Zerodha coin is a Free application
Zerodha Coin Review
SIP Calculator in Zerodha Coin – Don’t miss the savings one can make with buying a Direct plan with Zerodha

Zerodha Console Review

Zerodha Console is a central dashboard for all your reports and analytics on your investment portfolio and trades. Along with all the analytics and reporting, Zerodha console also captures Corporate Actions

The console contains easy to read reports with clear charts and visualizations. Reports like Trade book, P&L, Tax P&L are available for easy downloads.
Zerodha console gives an accurate view of your True Profit and loss for your portfolio and generates Tax ready reports. It gives an easy view to check investments in Equity, Mutual Funds, and Cash balance.
Zerodha Console gives you a historical breakdown of your stocks by the trades. This helps to better understand trading brokerage charges, STT etc.
Zerodha Console Review
Zerodha Console Snapshot

Zerodha Sentinel Review

Sentinel from Zerodha is a FREE tool to get real-time market alerts for all 90,000+ stocks, bonds, F&O contracts and currencies across exchanges

Zerodha Sentinel allows you to set criteria and create basic as well as advanced alerts on 20+ data points – like price, quantity, volume, and Open interest. 

You will get a notification whenever the underlying trigger hits the price that you have set. 
These notifications will be sent on Email in your Zerodha Sentinel Account page and on Kite Web.
You can also set advanced alerts using simple arithmetic or data operators

Know more about Zerodha sentinel here

Zerodha Review

Zerodha Streak Review

Zerodha streak allows you to define a trading strategy and manage your intraday trades on a real-time basis 

It allows you to rack market real time, get alerts and insights and manage trade positions on the run. 
One can define trading strategies in English using the various technical indicators on the platform. 
Zerodha streak then runs backtest on the strategy with a lookback period of 5 years and then generates signals for your trading strategies. It gives real-time notifications to help you track your positions on the go. 

Zerodha Support Portal

Zerodha has a fantastic support portal to help its clients. Our personal experience says that they address the issues on priority. Zerodha also has dedicated on call support

You can E-mail – or Call on 08049132020

Zerodha Review- Pros and Cons

Pros Areas of Improvement
Delivery trading is free for Equity.At times, one can face application down during trading hours.
Zerodha has low AMC Charges for Demat account and no AMC charges for Commodity accountThe margin provided is low.
Zerodha Brokerage charges are minimal - It charges flat Rs. 20 per trade while Equity delivery is totally Free
Easy Online account opening procedure with no minimum balance.
3 in 1 Zerodha account definitely provides a hassle-free experience to clients
Zerodha Trading Platforms like Kite 3.O and Kite App is easy to use with seamless user experience
Zerodha console generates meaningful reports that help to maintain a hawk-eye on the portfolio of investments
Zerodha allows investing in IPO using its own platform - Zerodha Console
Zerodha emails your Annual Global Statement that you can download and view. This statement covers all transactions executed by you during the financial year along with the brokerage, taxes, and charges paid.
Zerodha allows you free access to Zerodha Varsity - the free resource to learn Stock Market in English

Our Zerodha Review Experience – India’s Best Stock Broker

With flat pricing, discount broking, and transparency, Zerodha Stock Broker is a certain market leader today. 
Zerodha Demat account opening process is quick and easy. Zerodha trading platform like Kite Web and Zerodha Console for Analytics is certainly progressive with easy to use UI and multiple features.
Zerodha offers free Stock market education with Zerodha varsity and Trading Q&A to help you learn everything in the stock market. 
There are various reasons to love Zerodha – be it the super easy to use Zerodha 3.0 Kite app for equity investments or the ability to buy direct Mutual funds using Zerodha Console
Given the number of benefits Zerodha Demat Account provides, the Zerodha Demat account is a definite winner amongst the best stockbrokers of India.

Zerodha Review FAQs

What is Zerodha IDFC FIRST Bank 3 in 1 account?

It is a single account offered by Zerodha that includes Trading, DEMAT, and bank account, all rolled into one. 

This is to provide a seamless banking & investing experience for individuals so that they do not face hassle while connecting a bank account with their trading and demat account

How to Buy IPO in Zerodha?

One can easily buy an IPO using Zerodha by Zerodha Console. Connect your UPI ID with Zerodha and place your  IPO Bids. The IPO window is available from 10 AM to 5 PM on trading days.

What is Zerodha Sentinel?

Zerodha Sentinel is a tool to get real-time market alerts for all 90,000+ stocks, bonds, F&O contracts and currencies across exchanges

Is Zerodha Sentinel Free?

Yes, Zerodha Setinel is Free. You first need to open a Zerodha Demat Account online and then access the Zerodha Setinel for free

The stock market in India is closed every Saturday, Sunday, and also on the BSE & NSE holidays

Do keep in mind the share market timings, and plan your investments. Check out the best Stock Trading Apps in India and the Stock Market Websites to follow.

Happy Trading!

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