Open High Low Scanner – Best Intraday Trading Strategy for Beginners

Open High low trading strategy is one of the most accurate and easy Intraday trading strategy for beginners.If you want learn how to select stocks for intraday , you can use Open high low scanner to find stocks where open=high or open = low after 15 minutes of markets. We go long in stocks where open=low and Sell stocks where open=high.

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Using above screener , we can start selecting stocks for intraday .

How to use Open High Low strategy

1>Wait for 9.30 for starting trading

2> Check if Nifty is positive or Nifty is negative . Basically you need to identify how most stocks are doing

3> If Open = HIGH at 9.30Am , buy stocks .

4>If Open= Low , sell stocks.

Additionally , you can visit NSE INDIA website for checking of Nifty is positive or negative