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Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India

The share price is one of the significant factors while selecting stocks in the Indian stock market. Expensive shares give higher weightage to the portfolio. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 companies that have the highest share price.

As the requirement of the people is increasing and so as they believe their revenue should increase. Large capitalization firms are determined by those firms that have the highest share price.

For the beginner, it is always risky to invest capital due to volatility. For them, it is better to invest in large-capitalization firms to start their career in the stock market.

The stock prices of the following companies are on the date of 9th June 2020. 

Here is the list of top 10 companies with the highest share price

MRF: (Price – 64,000.00₹)


MRF is a top tire manufacturing company that was started in 1960 by K M Mammen Mappillai. MRF stands for Madras Rubber Factory, and it is the best tire manufacturing company in India. This is the best company that has the highest share price.

MRF has excellent stock performance, fundamentals, and a good chance for the future to increase your invested capital. This is one of the reasons why it’s share value is higher when compared to other companies. Click on the link MRF to know the current share price

Company Details:

Company NameMRF
Share price in NSE64,000.00
Share price in BSE63933.35
Market Cap(Cr)26252.68
Book Value25118.54
Dividend Yield0.1

Honeywell Automation: (Price – 28,454.00₹)


Honeywell Automation India Limited is a famous company in India. It manufactures products such as air purifiers, air filters, and bar code scanners. This company has the good performance in the market, so many of the investors are preferring for their investment. 

Honeywell is the second-highest share price in India. It’s an American company that manufactures consumer appliances and other products and services. Click on the link Honeywell Automations to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company NameHoneywell Automation
Share price in NSE28,454.00
Share price in BSE28400.00
Market Cap(Cr)24921.6
Book Value2463.66
Dividend Yield0.27

Shree Cements: (Price – 21,098.95₹)

shree cements

Shree Cement Ltd was started in the year 1979. The company was developed by P D Bangur and B G Bangur. The company is one of the biggest cement producers in Rajasthan.

Shree Cement is one of the top cement companies in India. It is the 3rd highest share price in India. As the need for cement has increased, Shree Cement has been one of the key players in the market. Click on the link Shree Cements to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company NameShree Cements
Share price in NSE21,098.95
Share price in BSE21131.35
Market Cap(Cr)77369.21
Book Value3585.41
Dividend Yield0.51

Page Industries: (Price – 19,275.00₹)

page industries

Page Industries has drastically increased its share price from the past ten years. In 2007, the share value of page industries is Rs 600, and now its share price is more than 30 times. It is established in Bangalore, and you can easily recognize this company with the name Jockey in India.

Page Industries are linked with the Jockey brand, which is the top company for the undergarments across the world. It is the 4th highest priced share in India. Click on the link Page Industries to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company NamePage Industries
Share price in NSE19,275.00
Share price in BSE19284.00
Market Cap(Cr)21871.46
Book Value694.82
Dividend Yield1.75

3M India: (Price – 18,108.45₹)

3m india

The 3M Company, previously known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, was established in the year 1987  and involved in making various products for industries, health care, consumer, safety, dentels, etc.

It is the 5th highest priced share in India. Click on the 3M company to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company Name3M India
Share price in NSE18,108.45
Share price in BSE18143.40
Market Cap(Cr)20277.13
Book Value1841.76
Dividend Yield

Eicher Motors: (Price – 17,030.00₹)

Eicher motors

Eicher Motors Limited was established in 1982, and it is the best company in the automobile industry. Eicher motors have linkup with Sweden’s AB Volvo to Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited. Eicher Motors is currently the sixth highest-priced share in India.

Eicher motors manufacture motorcycles and commercial vehicles like buses and trucks. The automobile industry has a better future in India. Click on Eicher Motors to know the current share price.

  • Eicher Trucks and Buses
  • Volvo Trucks India
  • Eicher Engineering Components
  • Non-Automotive Engine

Company Details:

Company NameEicher Motors
Share price in NSE17,030.00
Share price in BSE17021.75
Market Cap(Cr)47189.73
Book Value2609.91
Dividend Yield0.72

Nestle: (Price – 16,570.00₹)


Nestle is a Switzerland company established in 1866, but it has a broad customer base in India. You’ve seemingly used Nestle products regularly, and from this, it becomes one of the largest capitalization companies in India. Their popular products in Nestle are coffee and Maggi.

Nestle is the 7th highest priced share in India. Its share value is very high because of its quality and demand. Click on  Nestle to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company NameNestle
Share price in NSE16,570.00
Share price in BSE16559.15
Market Cap(Cr)167323.69
Book Value200.41
Dividend Yield1.97

Abbott India: (Price – 16,334.30₹)


Abbott is an American company located in Mumbai. It provides the best quality medicines in various ways, such as gastroenterology, cardiology, etc. It also manufactures medical tools and accessories, as well as nutritional products. Abbott is an 8th highest priced share in India. Click on the Abbott India to know the current share price.

Company Details:

Company NameAbbott India
Share price in NSE16,334.30
Share price in BSE16415.70
Market Cap(Cr)35424.82
Book Value945.25
Dividend Yield0.39

Bosch: (Price – 11,203.30₹)


Bosch Ltd. is a large-capitalization company working in the auto ancillaries area. It was established in the year 1951. For engineering and technology solutions, bosch has a development centre in Germany.

Bosch is currently the 9th highest priced share in India. It is a German company, and it manufactures various types of products like automotive parts, power tools, security systems, home appliances, etc. click on the Bosch Ltd to know the current share price in India.

Company Details:

Company NameBosch
Share price in NSE11,203.30
Share price in BSE11210.95
Market Cap(Cr)32308.37
Book Value3142.86
Dividend Yield0.96

Tasty Bite: (Price – 10,899.45₹)

Tasty Bite

Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd. was established in the year 1995. It provides more than 30 products over four categories; they are entrées, rice, noodles, and meal inspirations. As of now, their products are available in India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jap and the UK. Most of the companies are trading at a high PE.

The commodities don’t require cooking, preservatives, refrigeration, and can be used in the main dish or a side dish. Tasty Bite is currently the 10th highest priced share in India. Click on the Tasty Bite to know the current share price.

Company Details

Company NameTasty Bite
Share price in NSE10,899.45
Share price in BSE10810.45
Market Cap(Cr)2761.26
Book Value635.77
Dividend Yield0.02


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